The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is the largest professional organization for airport executives in the world, serving thousands of airport personnel at public-use airports across the country. Incorporated in 1928, AAAE is now one of the largest and most influential associations in Washington and is recognized as the training and technology resource expert for the airport industry. Airport training is a unique market niche and AAAE leads the way in providing innovative solutions and ever-improving products and services.

AAAE is qualified and able to deliver a web-based training solution that will update and enhance any airport’s current training system. Our web-based system, IET Learning Suite, is airport-specific, scalable and has an extendable design. This scalable design enables us to serve our small, medium and large sized airports and positions our product design to accommodate new features or dynamic content that can shrink or grow. We focus on extendability and minimal software reengineering so our design remains relevant and flexible to industry technological demands and advancements. The IET Learning Suite system can efficiently accommodate integration with other airport systems, providing a cost effective solution for airports. The web-based system is designed to accommodate any number of concurrent users with limitations only based on an airport’s available bandwidth and hardware capabilities.

The system is designed to be accessed over the Internet and/or an airport’s Intranet. The interface is presented in a user-friendly format, with a Home Page that includes a course list and selectable language choices. The login process is secure but non-threatening to the user and allows administrators to restrict and/or grant individual access privileges.

IET Learning Suite functions as a platform, managing various airport specific training programs and interactive testing. The training programs will reflect some specific airport requests incorporated with current e-learning methodologies.

All training modules, customized for the airport, include graphics and a comprehensive bank of randomly generated questions. Test results are automatically stored and maintained in a secure database. These records will be immediately accessible to authorized personnel. The database provides easy searches and reports of test and participant data in pre-defined parameters (i.e., by date, employer, name, etc.). Certificates can be converted to PDF and emailed to each employee following the successful completion of the training program. Other paperless options are available for certificate delivery.

The self-paced training modules fully comply with all federal/local training requirements. Hardware is Energy Star 5.2 certified, All-in-One ruggedized "touchcomputer" with space saving design. An included feature is the 22-inch touchscreen, which provides a unique High Definition (HD) experience and interactivity that IET Learning Suite can now provide.

AAAE has developed software for web-based, satellite-based, Internet-based and computer-based interactive training programs for more than 15 years. We develop applications that function as platforms, managing various airport specific training programs and interactive testing. The training programs are customized to reflect the specific airport involved. AAAE has developed a web service interface (WSDL) for its IET system to enable airports to directly upload training results from the IET centralized records repository to their local badging system.

Hundreds of thousands of airport employees and tenants have been training on our products for more than 20 years. Almost 200 airports use our IET products today to train on a wide variety of topics. We develop training programs that are not available commercially but needed by our members.

AAAE has produced more than 50 customized airport specific training programs, including the complete Part 139-Airport Certification Series and courses on security, Movement Area driver training, Non-Movement Area Driver Training, fueling, authorized signatory, fueling, severe weather, electric cart driving, general aviation security, Sterile Area security and many more.

Our staff has also scripted, filmed, edited and produced for airports hundreds of non-customized, digital video training programs.

Airport training is a unique market niche and we lead the way in developing standards for the airport training industry. AAAE is the industry’s largest producer of airport computer-based training systems with almost 3,000,000 recorded training sessions delivered to more than 350,000 airport employees and tenants. AAAE can also develop training courses in multiple languages.

Because of AAAE’s close working relationship with federal regulatory agencies, we are in a unique position to stay current on the latest developments affecting airports. This experience has given the association unique insights and intimate knowledge of airport security, rules and regulations regarding airport operations and safety. Our staff corresponds with key representatives within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is familiar with TSARs, Security Directives, FARs, and Advisory Circulars.

Many of the AAAE staff members are “content experts” as a result of their research and experience with airports and regulatory agencies. A number of formats are used for the delivery of airport training including conferences, on-site training, interactive video/computer based training systems and Internet transmissions direct to employee desktops or mobile devices. We strongly believe in mobility technology in the work place. In fact, our product development includes mobile apps that are designed to help airports become more efficient. AAAE has embraced ubiquitous computing that will be needed to take airport technology to a relevant level for the future.